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Fresh and contemporary

Timelog moved to new offices in a classical renovated industrial building and wanted a fresh and contemporary interior concept that reflects their core values.

Timelog resides in the old porcelain factory of Bing and Grøndahl in Copenhagen. The building is renovated and transformed into office spaces, but the original feel of the building has been conserved.

Timelog developers time management tools, and time – as a concept – would be a natural decorative element for them. We named all the conference facilities after the time, such as ‘3 o’clock’. The interior concept takes its cue from the Timelog visual identity, with pastels and a significant graphic detail, a cherry blossom.

We used large photo walls and custom-made glass partitions with black trellises, to draw the pulsating city atmosphere into the space – an energy that matches the core value and activities of Timelog so well.