At CCO Architects every single project is an opportunity to realize a unique architectural potential.

People are at the center of all our projects, and we strive to create vibrant architecture that strengthens and supports social interaction and makes a difference for the people who populate our buildings.

We believe that architects with intention, empathy, and thoroughness can actively change peoples’ lives and in all our designs we work to create experiences of community and learning.

In all we do, sustainability permeates our way of thinking and designing. This means creating long lasting architecture that can grow and transform along with it’s users. It means creating architecture with innovative solutions to minimize resource consumption, create cultural connections, and ensure functional build environments that address user needs.

Co-creation through dialogue

All our projects are created trough dialogue. Dialogue with the users in our buildings, the clients and our collaborators. This process gives us valuable insights, which form the basis of holistic explorations of each project’s potential.

Our co-creation processes provide our users with a sense of ownership and identity directly embedded into the architecture. Thus, the architecture become more than build environments, it becomes places of lived experience.

By developing our architecture through interdisciplinary design processes, we can ensure that design and technical solutions are seamlessly integrated into clear overall architectural concepts.





How we Analyze

We work holistically, which means that the surroundings, the programming, and the users all contribute to the character and identity of our architecture.

Through thorough analysis, we develop long lasting architecture that strengthens social interaction whilst paying attention to the environment. To achieve this, we have developed a methodology based on three basic premises:

CULTURE: The human context, the local social fabric, the demographics, the existing building culture are all part of our analysis. In our process we take the users values into account as an import platform for identity and communities for learning.

RESOURCES: The conditions surrounding a project, both material and not. Include, both the building site, the time, the economy, and the materials for construction are part of our resource mappings, which we use to prioritize and optimize solutions that minimize our environmental impact.

FUNCTION: For our buildings to be truly sustainable they need to function during operation, and they need to create social, and economic value over time. Thus, our analysis always ensures that our architecture holds solutions for concrete needs. We asses user needs, functional demands according to future flexibility to strengthen our buildings’ abilities to transform and adapt to future use.

Awards and recognitions

We have received a series of international awards and recognitions some of these are: Several Architizer A+ awards, multiple municipal architecture awards, building of the year in Denmark 2019, Detail special prize inside award, the energy award 2018 and Oslo Future built award 2017.

Our work has resulted in some of the most ambitious public projects in Scandinavia, including: The first public zero-energy building in Denmark “Green Lighthouse”, the first DGNB certified building after the pilot phase for the certification scheme in Denmark and several energy+ kindergartens in Denmark and Norway as well as a number of LEED and BREEAM certified buildings in all of Scandinavia.