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NOL – New Upgradet Storage Facility

A resilient landmark

The storage facility is placed in an area rich in nature close by Roskilde Fjord. Thus, NOL will be visible from multiple directions. This have been a significant condition in our design.

The new upgraded storage facility for Denmark’s radioactive waste is the first facility of its kind in the country. The storage facility created for Danish Decommissioning (DD) and has a finite operating period, which ends in 2073. It has been crucial to future prove the area in terms of changes in demands for handling radioactive waste, thus the facility will not have to move during the life span of the building.

NOL: Three high performing buildings

The new storage is divided into three separate buildings: NOL, the cold depository and the gate. All three buildings are completed according to demands for this type of storage facility – both in terms of technical solutions, security issues and building operations. The schematic design is developed to protect the outside area from the inside handling of radioactive waste.

A significant landmark

The storage facility is placed in an area rich in nature close by Roskilde Fjord. Thus, NOL will be visible from multiple directions. We have seen this as a significant condition in our design, as the building needs to fit into the surroundings and represent a distinct landmark for the area. To achieve this, we have developed the project according to a set of architectural pre-conditions:

• To create three distinct architectural buildings that fit into the surrounding area – both in terms of nature and neighboring buildings.
• Reducing negative impact on the surrounding area by keeping vehicles and activities away from the area’s central avenue and the coastal protection line.
• Ensuring the most effective and resilient schematic design, which will ensure safe handling of radioactive material.
• Prioritizing safety, health, and effective operations of the building.
• Selecting resilient solutions that ensure a minimal amount of maintenance and materials that holds aesthetic qualities in terms of their patina over time.
• Letting the uniqueness of the project be reflected in the architecture.

A schematic design for safety

NOL is divided into four main areas. First the Flex-area, which combines all NOL’s units and work as an area for inspection of containers as well as an area for transportation to and from the adjacent treatment area.
The second area of the project consists of Warehouses 3 and Warehouse 5, which is used for inspections of jumbo containers and a few DD-containers. The third area, which is also the majority of NOL, holds crane tracks for ISO-containers and two crane tracks for DD-containers. Lastly, the fourth area of the project comprises all technical areas, which is strategically distributed around the facilities. The building is designed to handle primary transportation of containers by overhead cranes between ISO and DD warehouse units and the flex-area.

Read more about the development of NOL at the website of Danish Decommissioning here

Danish Decommissioning
10.500 m2
Risø, Denmark