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Culture and Community House Interior

Learning laboratory

The Culture and Community House is more than a building; it is an idea that embraces innovation, collaboration, and innovative learning. Høje Taastrup Culture and Community House is therefore not an ordinary place for children and young people; it is an innovative learning center that embraces a modern approach to education. The school hosts a variety of functions under one roof: a daycare center, an art school, a music school, and several leisure activities. The Culture and Community House offers a unique space that inspires creativity, exploration, and learning across all ages.

We have designed this cultural center with a clear goal in mind, that it should be a place where children of all ages can thrive and develop. This has led to careful interior design methodology, where emphasis has been placed on creating flexible and adaptable spaces to suit the current and future needs of any learning environment. One of the ways in which this methodology is implemented is through the furniture design.

Furnishing as Part of the Teaching

The furniture in the Culture and Community House has several functions which means that they can be easily moved around and curated in various ways. It creates a stimulating study environment where the children can learn in the way that works best for them. The Culture and Community House supports project-based teaching with different set-ups of furniture in bases and common areas. In this way, the furniture works in different formats and has functions adapted to learning.

In the bases for the primary students, the children can gather for assembly on soft furniture, work in smaller groups, or sit independently. The bases for the middle schoolers are arranged according to subjects in culture/language and mathematics/science. During culture/language, you can gather in a circle on the floor, debate, perform on a stage, discuss, or work in groups. In the mathematics/science rooms, we have implemented our Making Space furniture series which provides students with more opportunities to create group work of various sizes around tables, as well as providing opportunities for working with smaller models and experiments. Making Space is also used in the primary school for storing projects and materials. The common areas are furnished with multifunctional furniture which is set up in combinations to create small areas within the room for more concentrated group work. In this way, the Culture and Community House is optimal for development, creativity, and innovative learning.

Innovative Learning

The Culture and Community House is a pioneering institution that incorporates the latest teaching methods and values ​​in its approach to child-rearing. Here, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is the cornerstone of education, and it is more than academic disciplines; it is a holistic approach to learning that prepares children for the 21st century.

The ground floor of the Culture and Community House is the place where everyone can meet and gather, where ideas flow freely, and where events take place. It is therefore the cultural square and a symbol of the open and inclusive approach to learning and creative expression. We have created display boxes that allow students to exhibit their works. Here they can share their unique perspectives and express themselves through art, technology, or other forms of expression.

Høje Taastrup Municipality
9 100 m2 / 97 951 ft2
Høje Taastrup Municipality
Martin Schubert / Tom Jersøe / Christensen & Co
School / daycare center / music school / art school / taekwondo / dance