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Making Space

Small spaces

Our multifunctional Making Space furniture series is designed to create spaces within spaces. It has been implemented in the Nærheden Learning Center, and the Culture and Community House in Høje Taastrup. The furniture serves as an integrated element in education and the children’s development.

The series consists of modules that can be combined in countless ways or function independently. This means that one can create the perfect solution needed where only imagination sets the limits. This flexibility makes Making Space a playful chameleon, adapting and transforming to various learning situations.

Spaces within Spaces

By placing several of these pieces of furniture next to each other, one can easily create small spatial areas within larger rooms. The furniture can be adjusted to group sizes, making them suitable for individuals, and smaller and larger groups. Making Space also acts as a fantastic partition, defining and separating multiple learning zones from each other.

Flexibility and Tactile Qualities

With materials such as cork, plywood, steel, and felt in play, Making Space adds a varied expression to the room with many tactile qualities. There is the option for hanging items on the sides of the furniture using cork, felt, or steel surfaces. The use of cork and felt also has a sound-absorbing effect, contributing to creating focused work environments. A sturdy plywood tabletop adds an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of home to avoid an institutional feel. The impressive flexibility and tactile qualities of the furniture stimulate creativity and create ideal conditions for deep concentration.

Adam Mørk / Martin Schubert / Christensen & Co