Cookie Policy

Last updated 16 december 2020.

We use cookies and other tracking mechanisms (collectively ‘cookies’) on our website in order to improve our services and target advertisements.

On your first visit to our website, you will be asked to accept that we place cookies on your device. Your continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance hereof. You can reject cookies by following the below instructions.

About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. Cookies allow us to

  1. a) recognize your computer or device when you visit our website, for the purpose of giving you a more personal experience;
  2. b) observe your use of our website, including to obtain information about the number of visitors and their behaviour. The better we understand how our website is used, the better we can tailor it.

Our types of cookies

We use the following types of cookies: look in the information box by


Name Type Purpose Domain Browser Third party Storage time Info
_ga Statistics Attached to Google Analytics. Analyses the use of the website. Used to separate users from each other. (No sensitive data is stored) All X 2 years Google
CONSENT Functionality The cookie collects information about how the user uses the website and which ads the user has seen prior to the visit All 1 week


In addition, we use a number of cookies that are strictly necessary for the functionality of the website and thus do not require your consent. Therefore, we always set cookies that are required for the following features:

Reject or delete cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser, including delete your browser history, see how at


If you choose to block or delete our cookies, you might not be able to access certain features on the website, which may affect how the website works.

You can always reject cookies by changing the privacy settings of your browser.

Processing of your personal data

If you want to read more about how we processes personal data in connection with your use of our website, you can find our Privacy Policy here.

Contact information

In case you have any questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact us on .