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Social landscapes

Dynamic Clusters

We have designed new tables for the school at Hannemanns Allé. The Nuphar tables are named after the Latin name for the water lily and mimic its shape and dynamic clusters. Just as the water lily unfolds in all its glory, several tables can be joined together like lily pads closely adorning a calm pond’s surface. The different models of Nuphar are created to be assembled in various combinations, opening up varied workspaces and collaborative areas.

Flat Hierarchy
As a result, Nuphar forms soft – non-hierarchical – landscapes, opening the door to creativity and social communities in organic arrangements. The tables offer opportunities for intimate gatherings, individual focus with more space between, and larger communal gatherings. Nuphar can support democratic and non-hierarchical collaborations in schools, office environments, or other spaces where there are both individual workstations and collaborative work.

In production at Holmris B8.