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Creating a cohesive office space

A group of Danish publishing houses, Rosinante & Co., moved to new office spaces, near Kultorvet in central Copenhagen. The project brief was to interconnect the two floors, by designing a brand-new stairway – which had to be beautiful and significant looking, but also, of course, functional.

The second part of the brief was to transform the lunchroom into a multi-functional, bright, and inviting space.

The stairwell is created as two elements: a heavy oak wood podium to form the base – and from this podium access to the wall covered with bookcases. From the podium, an airy and light-looking staircase rises to the upper floor.

The lunchroom has been extended with a sofa lounge and a meeting room. We laid down new wooden floors, and their distinctive herringbone pattern became a motif for the foil decoration on the glass partitions. Both aesthetic and functional detail provide a bit of privacy for lunch meetings. The use of large, slatted wooden lampshades is another space-defining element.