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Project management offices

NHN (New Hospital North Zealand) is a huge, complex building site, and for their project management headquarters, they needed an interior concept.

We created an edgy identity and space planning for the project management headquarters, from where the building of a new main hospital for North Zealand is run.

The place is also a laboratory for testing new workflow setups for hospital offices, space optimization, down-scaled meeting facilities, etc.

Arrival is through a red corridor, connecting to the old hospital. For the foyer, we designed a cubic unit, which serves as an information/exhibition spot for the project and houses informal meetings. The main theme for this project is minimalist furnishings in plywood and felt, practical magnetic walls, bold colors, graphics, and a checkered motif as a guiding element. All areas are flexible, and work spots can be established in the kitchen, lounge, phone booth, foyer cube, and in the so-called ‘war room’, a combined executive and meeting lounge.