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With the new location, the Danish capital fund has invested in its surroundings and its employees. The solution is based on a trusting and creative collaboration and thorough needs assessment, ensuring a return in the form of community, flexibility, and well-being.

CataCap is a Danish capital fund that has grown steadily since its establishment in 2012. By 2023, the fund boasts a portfolio that generates several billion kroner in annual turnover.

We have since 2013 collaborated with CataCap. Over the years, the company has been in the same premises, but in 2022 they moved into a new location in the same building. Together, we looked at how to create flexible and supportive work environments for internal and external staff, just as the entire design had to reflect the company’s spirit and identity.

Designing Dynamic Spaces

The building where CataCap is located dates to the early ’90s. Typical of the era, its style can feel boxy and cold, which is why we sought to create a counterbalance through interior design and furniture selection. We aimed to create an inviting interior that creates spaces within the space, where employees can converse, or work concentrated and secluded.

For the external clients who visit and work at the office, we have created drop-in areas where they can work. One of the meeting rooms has been equipped with switchable film, which can keep curious glances out while still preserving the view when the room is not in use.

A series of special furniture was developed for this task to meet specific needs and ensure a uniform expression. “The Partner Table,” as we call it, has shielding qualities and creates a space for accessibility. Partners and employees can gather around the semi-circular table and spontaneously discuss ideas and challenges.

The lunch table is another piece of furniture that we developed, especially for CataCap. Placed in the employee lounge, it hosts colleagues and clients over food or a task. The lighting is adjustable, and other furniture, such as the kitchen island, is movable, so the entire lounge can quickly be transformed into an event area.

To break up the work areas, we specially designed various planters. Besides decorating, the planters also direct where people walk, contributing to reducing disturbances. We chose a special paint with a reddish surface that adds warmth to the rooms and complements the company’s graphic identity of blue shades.

The foils on the meeting rooms are based on CataCap’s graphic identity. The color and graphics are partly inspired by the nearby athletics stadium and companies the capital fund has invested in.

We also sought to incorporate the surroundings into the design – partly to create life, but also to make the spaces feel larger. A photographer documented the view from the other side of the walls. The images were printed on felt and mounted on walls in work areas and meeting rooms.