B130 plankebord
B130 plankebord
B130 plankebord
B130 plankebord
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Wooden table

A space for synergy

The warm, welcoming plank table creates a new social dynamic in building B130 of DTU. It is an academic and social gathering point that supports new meetings between students. With its 10 metres, the table provides space and room for community. The massive, tactile oak planks form the ideal setting for open group work and invites students to informal stay during short breaks. The table gives the building a homely atmosphere and functions as a social hub during smaller celebrations and gatherings in the house.

From the table, there is a view of the great hall, where students do experiments and research on materials. The plank table increases knowledge sharing in the building by giving the users of the house the opportunity to stay and be inspired by the activities that take place in the hall. The table is made of solid, FSC-certified oak planks with tapped joints so that the beautiful planks come into their own.

The table is designed in collaboration with Caroline Krag.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Lyngby Campus, DK
Niels Nygaard