B116 study units
B116 study units
B116 study units
B116 study units
B116 study units
B116 studieunits
B116 study units
B116 study units
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DTU B116

Revitalized spaces

The new, timeless study units for The Danish Technical University’s building B116 is designed for group work, informal learning, and synergy. The project is part of a transformation and renovation of the unused hallways outside the classrooms in one of the buildings designed by Eva and Niels Koppel. With our furniture, we have transformed the unused area into a meaningful space where students can supplement and discuss their knowledge from the formal auditorium lessons.

The comfortable study units shield the groups from each other, which increases the concentration in group work. The cushioned wood gives the furniture a warm and accommodating quality that invites students to an academic or social stay after class. This creates a vibrant study environment where it is easy and natural to engage in knowledge-sharing with fellow students and teachers.

Technical University of Denmark
Lyngby, Denmark
Malene Bach / Lightscapes / Mtre
Niels Nygaard