community centre design
community centre design
community centre design
community centre design
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Skævinge Community House

Sports and culture

“It’s such a good and well thought out project, Christensen & Co has come up with. It is nice and functional, and the building is going to be integrated really well into the surroundings. A lot of good, creative thoughts have been thought, and I think that the architects have framed the ideas and visions that we have had. It can be both a beautiful landmark and a strong gathering place for Skævinge, and I think a beautiful house has been designed, where it is not a large hall that is dominant, but an exciting building. ”

Says Hanne Kierkegaard, President for the Sports and Health Committee.

The existing sports hall in the town of Skævinge is transformed into a multifunctional assembly house that combines sports and leisure. The community centre hosts a broad spectrum of users that consist of local performing artists, a knitting club, youth football teams and fitness enthusiasts. Social interaction between the different users will take place in the common space known as ‘Orangeriet’, which will act as the new urban living room for the whole city. The new multifunctional spaces are placed shoulder to shoulder under an elaborate roof scape, allowing inside and outside to merge together. The community centre design is an architectural interpretation of the existing structures with geometrically shaped gables and roofs. Once the building is completed, the new and old will complement each other. The new SKIF will be a central building in a new masterplan for the existing sports park developed by our collaborators 1:1 Landskab.

Sustainable ambitions in the community centre design

In the project we have worked with issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the project was not designed to address the global goals. We have worked with issues related to: SDG 3: Good Health and well-being, SDG 4: Quality education, SDG 5: Gender equality, SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation, SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities, SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production and SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

The project in also screened within the DGNB scheme. With architectural expressions as visibility, openness and coherence between inside and outside, we lay the foundation of an including city environment with access to puplic areas. The aesthetically intriguing outside areas are essential to create the best conditions for physical activity in the neighborhood. As the report about ‘the importance of the environment in physical activity’ from the Danish Health Authority from 2019 concludes:

“Aesthetics: More citizens wants to be physically active if there’s areas in the city that are experienced as aesthetic, nice and attractive. Vandalism, rubbish, graffiti and uncivilized behavior minimizes the desire to be active”. – Concluedes the report about ‘the importance of the environment in physical activity’ from the Danish Health Authority from 2019

Skævinge Community House will raise the quality of the teaching at the local school by offering facilities where the kids can play ball, dance and socialize. The focus of the Community House is to create safe and aesthetic surroundings for physical development no matter sex.

Hillerød municipality
4200 m² + exterior masterplan
1:1 Landskab, Ramböll
Christensen & Co