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KB Hall

Aesthetic and functional venue

The K.B. Hall has risen from the ashes like a phoenix in a reinterpretation that builds on the legacy of the old iconic hall, which burned down in 2011. Since 1938, the hall has been a cultural generator for events, concerts, and fairs. The building’s interior design is based on a coherent visual concept with intuitive wayfinding and an exclusive colour scheme.

The hall accommodates many different events and public activities. Therefore, we have prioritized robust and flexible furniture that supports the function as well as the architecture. The furniture has a simple, discreet, and timeless design. Inside the hall, we have replaced the usual fixed stands with flexible stands, so that the seating can be easily converted from one event type to another, and the hall can be staged to best suit the specific event.

The long, specially designed bars on the first floor are designed in black, giving the bar area a clean, stylish look. Here, the ceiling is low and the surroundings dark, so the bar appears as a modern lounge. Screens on the wall inform about what the bar is serving, and bronze mirrors behind the bartender shed an exclusive light on the area.

The wardrobe is designed to reflect the state-of-the-art sports arena and event space that the K.B. hall is. The design gives the wardrobe two expressions: from the side, it appears transparent and light, while it appears dark and mysterious from the front. Niches with benches along the corridors are built with bamboo panels as a contrast to the otherwise dark interior, drawing in the guests to informal stay. Against the black walls and ceilings, the panels appear golden, so the room gets an exclusive look at night and a warm expression in the daylight.

Wayfinding in the K.B. Hall is easy to read and can be seen from a distance. We focused on creating an updated and visible wayfinding that makes it easy to find your way around the house. We have also developed the graphic expressions for the K.B Hall’s multisex toilets.

When the guests walk through the open entrance, a spacious foyer invites them inside and on into the main hall. Wide stairs lead down to the wardrobe and toilets in the basement and up to the first floor, where a series of lounge areas and bars unfold under the arch’s vaulted ceiling. Here, the Arch – which is the title of the light installation that adorns the K.B. Hall’s foyer – welcomes you. The artwork was created by Viera Collaro as an integral part of the new K.B. Hall.