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Interior concept for colorful medical firm

When international medicinal company Merck opened offices in Denmark, they chose us to create a comprehensive interior concept, that integrated their color palette and graphic elements.

The comprehensive interior concept is based on Merck’s core values and visual identity. These aspects were incorporated into the design from the beginning and are expressed through colors, materials, furniture, bespoke elements, graphics, and wayfinding.

As in so many workplaces, the staff of Merck has a mix of different competencies and tasks. We developed a work environment that facilitates thinking outside the box and sharing know-how across teams and departments. We have tailor-made spaces for informal meetings and spontaneous talks and emphasize this informality through warm, tactile materials and colors – and loungelike furniture.

In formal meeting spaces, the Merck identity is used as an element of the interior design. The work areas are kept in tranquil white and grey, to offer concentration and calm.