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Lund City Hall

A transparent municipality

Like a sculptural crystal, Lund City Hall is a welcoming low-energy building for the city’s citizens. Placed between the old city center, a park area, and the railway, the angular building creates a connection between different areas of the city. Here the vibrancy and life of the park flow into the gallery through the faceted glass façade. The transparency of the building creates an open social space where citizens and municipal employees can meet in the common gallery. The City Hall houses Lund’s municipal administration, with public access to the reception desk and citizens’ service on the ground floor. From the ground floor, there are views up through the building, while the office floors are deep enough for guests not to feel watched. From the rooftop café and adjacent terraces, there are views right across the old part of the city.

Built from healthy, eco-friendly materials and with an advanced energy concept incorporating natural ventilation, solar energy, groundwater cooling, and green roofs Lund City Hall is an environmentally conscious building that adheres to the Swedish green factor. The building’s green roof plays an important role in cooling the building, storing rainwater, and ensuring that the building becomes part of the local ecosystem, supporting the biosphere already existing in the park and the area. Lund City Hall is the most energy-efficient town hall in Sweden.

Lunda Fastigheter
13 500 m2 / 145 312 ft2
Lund, Sweden
Rambøll (SE) / Structor
Adam Mørk
Lund Municipality / Public