kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
kindergarten architecture
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A unifying heart

“There has been a focus on creating a safe environment for children and good conditions for the educators in the new and beautiful Kastelsgården. At the same time, we now can offer care for more children in Østerbro. I look forward to coming to see the finished result when both children and educators find themselves in the new surroundings on Kastelsvej.”

Says Children's and Youth Mayor Pia Allerslev from the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Respectful of its surroundings, Kastelgården kindergarten realises the area’s potential for play and learning. The distinctive kindergarten architecture is inspired by the existing urban environment with parks, embassies and classic Copenhagen residential buildings. Thus, along the street, the low building is a reference to the nearby board fences, while the institution’s green wood cladding harmonises with the district’s colour scale. Towards the playground, the extension forms a gentle green curve sweeping around a large chestnut tree, which becomes the natural gathering point for both children and adults. The dark green colour of the building and the moss of the roof creates a link to the greenery of trees and nearby parks. The building unites the kindergarten by opening up a welcoming entrance area, while at the same time accommodating facilities for 68 new children. Inside, a combination of discrete skylights and large panoramic windows create bright and airy rooms that make the most of the Nordic daylight. Further, the skylights add a sense of height, while the window sections draw the green surroundings into the interior universe.

Sustainable ambitions in the kindergarten architecture

In the project we have worked with issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the project was not designed to address the global goals, as it was created before the goals were adopted by the UN. We have worked with issues related to: SDG 3: Good Health and well-being, SDG 4: Quality education, SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth and SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals.

Copenhagen Municipality
Extension 800 m², rebuild 125 m²
Copenhagen, DK
Bo Bolther