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DTU Risø Campus

Innovative research environment

The expansion and transformation of DTU Risø connects the campus through green garden spaces, a vibrant study and research environment, and a united architectural concept. The architecture creates a relaxed atmosphere by mixing the recognizable with the innovative. New modern offices and research facilities support a good working environment and the important research into sustainable energy.

DTU Risø is beautifully situated in green surroundings with Roskilde Fjord close by. Since 2012, DTU Risø has been campus for the Department of Wind Energy – a strong research environment that brings all the researchers together in one place, so that they can easily exchange ideas and develop new knowledge on green energy. The completed building contains modern facilities that strengthen research that will shape the future innovation within renewable energy. The new buildings are both a continuation and reinterpretation of the aesthetics of the existing campus, which is characterized by yellow bricks. This is maintained in the final design.

Qualification of the design

We have finalized the building design from the project proposal all the way to delivery, which are the final stages of the project. We further developed the design concept, among other things, in relation to installations and choice of materials. In the project proposal, final decisions have been made about the aesthetic, functional and technical qualities of the project. In connection with the final planning of the design in the project proposal, we have handled the interfaces between architecture, function, aesthetics and technical solutions. In other words, we adapted the outline proposal so that it was buildable and could be realized as a turnkey project with a focus on user needs in terms technical requirements.

A modern transformation

The transformation of building 100, 101 and 125 creates a more modern and functional research environment, where the functions are separate, but with muntiple views across the building. Based on the outline proposal, we have created the project proposal and made the outline proposal buildable, so it could be realized. This means that the final design of laboratories and research environments meets the client’s requirements and could be put into operation. The laboratories create a better working and study environment. Walls for the offices are made of glass so that light can travel through the building and so that the building’s users experience activitie throughout the building.

A new garden environment

In the new buildings, building 123, 171 and 170, we have created a project proposal, which has made the outline proposal realizable. The state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops are for research and testing. In addition to meeting all functional requirements, the facilities are tall, spacious, and comfortable to stay in for many hours at a time. New garden environments by 1:1 Landskab have also been created between the buildings, which through materials and planting support the connection between the sections. In the garden, there is space for everything from informal meetings and breaks to longer stays and test sites.

The new arrival for DTU Risø

The new building 171 is visible from the main road and it is a clear feature on the trip through the fjord landscape. The building’s welcoming arrival area, which includes a garden, leads the user further into the building and the research environment.


In the project, the focus is on renovating the existing facilities to the greatest extent possible in order to reduce the need for new materials for new construction. In the project proposal of the new buildings, we have prioritized robust and durable materials, so that the houses are easy to maintain. It contributes to the buildings having a good indoor climate with materials that do not release harmful amounts of dust and gases.


The building has undergone an expansion and transformation that connects the campus through green open spaces, creating a vibrant study and research environment and a unified architectural concept. The architecture cultivates a relaxed atmosphere by blending the familiar with the innovative. New modern offices and research facilities support a conducive working environment for the important research in sustainable energy.

Danish Building and Property Agency
New buildings: 4.700 m2, Renovation: 2.450 m2
Risø, Roskilde
NORD Architects, BAM Danmark, Norconsult, Langvad Arkitekter, 1:1 Landskab
Niels Nygaard