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DTU Building 303

Flexible gathering point

In building B303 at DTU, a series of delicate green furniture lights up the arrivals hall. The furniture transforms a room formerly used as passage into a comfortable space where students can feel at home.

The inviting interior is the room’s natural gathering point, creating a vibrant and inspiring study environment in the building’s large common area. Here, there is room for group work, informal studying, and a lounge atmosphere. The movable modules are a subtle but fresh addition to the hall with its characteristic slate floors and yellow tiles. In this way, our design respects and supports the existing architecture, originally developed by the Koppel-couple.

The lounge-like study environment is the first space that meets you in the building. The delicate, green colour lets the ash wood’s structure come through, and the light upholstery makes the furniture inviting. The soft lines and play of colours give the room a modern touch. A touch, which is emphasized by the fact that you can connect your computer directly to power in the base of the modules.

The large, square modules are located in a network of study islands. The islands have different seating constellations, so students can sit facing each other or facing the larger space. This arrangement allows the students to either immerse themselves and study or settle down for group work or informal conversation. The shape is at once a play with DTU’s scientific identity, and at the same time it makes the modules flexible, so they can be placed in different constellations as needed.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Lyngby Campus
Adam Mørk