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Frederikssund Harbour Bath

Peaceful poetry

“It’s going to be a beautiful Harbour Bath that solves the functions, which Frederikssund’s new board of Initiative and Frederikssund Municipality have requested for a harbour bath. It is well adapted to nature and the surrounding area, it provides an optimal setting for winter bathing and it gives the city a new meeting spot and landmark”

Says Mayor of Frederikssund Municipality, John Schmidt Andersen.

The circular harbor bath in Frederikssund, north of Copenhagen, has an inherent peaceful poetry that connects the architecture with the serene natural surroundings. The facility is designed as a multifunctional landscape of possibilities, providing the city with a hub for activities by the fjord all year round. Based on the simple but effective geometry of the circle, the harbor bath folds itself around a protective inner, while the external part opens towards the surrounding nature. Inside the circle, the microclimate is designed so that guests can always find a place in the sun and shelter from the wind. Here a large pool for swimming, a shallow pool for children, and several smaller basins for education about plants and wildlife offer a wealth of experiences for both the old and the young. At the outer rim, guests can go for a swim in the fjord followed by a visit to the sauna, while enjoying the panoramic view of the sunset. The harbor bath’s fossilized wooden construction will age gracefully and give the harbor bath a soft silvery hue, at the same time the resilient material ensures that the harbor bath will not rot or deteriorate.

Frederikssund Municipality
500 m2 / 5 381 ft2
Frederikssund, Denmark
Marianne Levinsen Landscape / Artelia
Christensen & Co