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Ketchercenter Helsingør

An arena for community

Kecthercenter Helsingør is an inviting centre of activity and community where athletes and visitors can gather around everything from communal dinners and morning coffee to workshops and presentations. The openness of the Ketchercenter creates connection and involvement for the users of the house, that are stimulated by the different activities of the tennis gyms.

The project is an extension of the characteristic arched gym in Helsingør from the 1930s. The existing gym will get new black-painted façades, which gives it a modern look. The Ketchercenter will also receive two additional tennis gyms, that build on the architecture of the existing hall. Furthermore, we will add an inviting double-heighted Community Arena. The Community Arena harmoniously connects the three halls both physically and visually with its simple architecture. Here, the guests and athletes arrive at the bright and accommodating foyer. The building is clad in white, translucent profiled glass, that contrasts the dark gyms, creating a flow towards the building. The profiled glass creates a natural lighting, which also works as a sunscreen on hot days. At night, the profiled glass makes the building light op invitingly in the dark.

A sports centre of community

The Community Arena is the heart of the Ketchercenter. In the Community Arena, there is a visual outlook to the gyms. From here, the users of the house can be inspired to participate in the many activities of the Ketchercenter. During and after practice, the Community Arena invites to informal gathering and socializing through cosy niches and open common areas. E.g., the building contains the multi-function furniture, the Podium, which can be used for socializing after training, as a waiting area for parents and for exercises during training. In the large area, the Workshop, the sports club can host events. Lastly, the common area, The Long Table, can accommodate both open events like communal dinners and function as a meeting room or a workstation for waiting parents. The flexibility of the design opens to different forms of community, hereby supporting the dynamism and activity of the centre.

Sustainable ambitions in the sports building

The project will be certified for DGNB Silver.

Helsingør municipality
2492 m²
Helsingør, Denmark
Juul og Nielsen, 1:1 landskab, DEM, Skanding
Christensen & Co.
Helsingør Tennis Club, Helsingør Badminton Club