arkitekttegnet sommerhus
arkitekttegnet sommerhus
arkitekttegnet sommerhus
arkitekttegnet sommerhus
arkitekttegnet sommerhus
arkitekttegnet sommerhus
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Asserbo Summer Cottage

A floating getaway

As a timber clad raft on wooden pillars, the summer cottage seems to be floating above grass covered clearing in the woodlands between the coastline of Zealand and one of the island’s greater lakes. The timber of the raft folds around the internal space, continuing upward into the ceiling, ending as a large cantilevered canopy, which stretches over the terrace of the cottage. The fold creates a precise and clear frame, uniting the internal space and the exterior terrace as one, which is connected by large sliding doors of glass. The facade is clad in black horizontal wooden boards, while the cantilever is clad with slim, untreated timber underneath translucent panels, which allows slim slivers of sunlight to filter into the cottage. The project is created in collaboration with architect Pernille Poulsen, it has been featured in several magazines and books both in Denmark and abroad, and it has reached an impressive number of pins on pinterest.

How the project addresses the Sustainable Development Goals

In the project we have worked with issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the project was not designed to address the global goals, as it was created before the goals were adopted by the UN.
We have worked with issues related to: SDG 3: Good Health and well-being and SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth.

64 m²
Asserbo, Denmark
arkitekt maa Pernille Poulsen, Ingeniør Dominia
Adam Mørk