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Kåbo Park

A view of Uppsala

In central Uppsala in Sweden close to the university, 30 apartments have been carefully placed between old trees in a large garden belonging to the historic ‘Rektors Villa’, a house that dates back to 1885. The light urban villas consist of two four-story buildings with an accompanying underground car park, and two smaller three-story wings on either side. All the flats have high ceilings, face at least two corners of the world, and have large balconies where the natural light changes throughout the day. The solid oak windows and cedar wood cladding around the balconies combined with the dark façades create a lively interplay between the lush greenery of the surrounding neighborhood and single-family houses. Openness is central for the urban villas, and the open plan solutions ensure a direct view from inside the apartments to Uppsala’s beautiful natural setting.

Kaborama AB
4500 m2 / 48 437 ft2, parking 1 000 m2 / 10 763 ft2
Uppsala, Sweden
Bjerking AB
Per Ranung, Christensen & Co. Architects