car park architecture
car park architecture
car park architecture
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Car Park Glostrup

A sustainable spiral

The circular parking facility marks the end of Glostrup Hospital’s parking area. The car park architecture is simple, but effective: The parking area is folded up into a dynamic and highly space-efficient helix. The helix winds its way around an inner yard with large trees, which naturally ventilates the building and lets daylight into all levels of the facility. The green growing façade is a unique feature and the lushness is sustained by advanced censors and watering systems. The lush greenery supports the architectural ambition of minimising the hospital’s carbon footprint. Sustainability is integrated in all the building’s elements, where the focus has been on daylight and openness to promote a sense of safety. The layout is intuitive and logical, which makes it easy to find a free parking space among 400 spaces. Moreover, motorists can easily and safely find their way from the car park to the hospital.

Sustainable ambitions in the car park architecture

In the project we have worked with issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the project was not designed to address the global goals, as it was created before the goals were adopted by the UN. We have worked with issues related to: SDG 3: Good Health and well-being, SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy, SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth, SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities, SDG 13: Climate action, SDG 15: Life on land and SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals.

The Capital Region of Denmark
9.600 m²
Glostrup, DK
5E-byg, Lassen Landscape, SWECO
Bo Bolther
Glostrup Hospital