At CCO, we have extensive experience in planning and designing a wide range of laboratory types and research environments. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, from highly specialized high-security cleanrooms and vibration-free environments to common dancefloor and teaching laboratories. We have a deep passion for research environments and always strive to integrate architectural concepts that merge science, technology, and design with social values.

Our expertise extends from the finest details to complex and comprehensive solutions. Regardless of the type of laboratories we create, our starting point is always the users. We work with user and commissioning processes that involve different stakeholders and complex user groups to ensure that our designs meet functional requirements, various classifications, and the specific needs that users have in connection with different laboratory equipment. Creating advanced laboratories requires not only knowledge and experience in the construction sector but also a deep understanding of how to design for and around laboratory equipment. Highly advanced and sensitive equipment can be the heart of the research and science taking place, as well as for the stakeholders and users utilizing the facilities.

To create the optimal laboratory environment for our clients, we draw upon our extensive experience in developing complex research facilities where large and diverse groups of stakeholders are involved in the design process to ensure that the design meets the highest standards. Through collaboration with engineers and builders, we help create the optimal conditions for laboratory design.

Laboratory Experience

Within the field of laboratories, there is a wide variety of different forms and formats, and the way a laboratory is structured varies depending on its specific purpose and use. Laboratories range from advanced and specialized research facilities to more common and routine ones. Laboratories play a crucial role in scientific research, innovation, and the healthcare sector. They are not just workspaces but also places where groundbreaking discoveries and advancements can occur, making their design and construction of utmost importance.

We have experience with these types of laboratories:

One of our specialties within laboratory work spans a wide spectrum of expertise, and one of our most prominent specialties is cleanroom design.

Within pharmaceutical cleanrooms, we are known for our expertise in design and maintenance. This is of paramount importance in the medical world, where the development of medicines and vaccines requires unparalleled precision.

Within physics cleanrooms, we work diligently to eliminate even the smallest dust particles using advanced air exchange technology. This approach is particularly valuable in the field of physics, where experiments require perfect control over the environment.

Laboratory Projects

For over 16 years, we have collaborated with some of the most prestigious research institutions and successfully delivered award-winning designs for research.

Examples of projects include:

At the Technical University of Denmark, we have contributed to the creation of more than 10 laboratory facilities, including:

The fields within the various laboratories at DTU span a wide range, including arctic and geotechnology, mathematics and computer science, climate change, electromagnetism, and sustainable energy.

Work Environment and Safety

Based on our extensive experience, we know how to translate brief requirements and specifications into vibrant functional designs, where considerations for organization, programming, and access to daylight are balanced against attention to vibrations, light, and noise that may disrupt laboratory activities. In our architecture, we work with flexibility by designing laboratories as “dance floors,” we work with high-security laboratories, cleanrooms, yellow rooms, and laboratories with specialized service facilities such as stables and fish farming.

To ensure the longevity of laboratories, we aim to incorporate resilience in our projects. We have worked on creating generic laboratories for the Technical University of Denmark. Future resilience is a given in research, as technology is constantly evolving. Innovation is the key in research, and laboratories must be able to adapt to future needs.

Laboratory Planning & Design

When it comes to laboratory planning, we place users at the center of the entire process, from planning to implementation. It is crucial for us that laboratories are not only impressive but also user-friendly. We prioritize the needs of users throughout the process, involving them from the early stages. We continuously analyze user involvement to ensure that laboratories function optimally for them.

In addition to focusing on users, we are adept at identifying existing conditions, offering improvement and optimization possibilities, and developing new concepts. Our expertise ranges from early program formulation and sketching to all phases, including preliminary design, project design, and tender projects.