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Copenhagen benches

meeting places

Three welcoming urban spaces – located at Metropol, Universitetsparken and Rigshospitalet – are the link between Copenhagen Science City and the rest of the city. At the meeting places, we stage a classic characteristic of the city, the Copenhagen bench, in different ways.

The Copenhagen bench is twisted and has different characteristics at each site, which allows for relaxing as well as activity and informal meetings. Originally developed in 1886, the Copenhagen bench is now a recognizable sight in parks and squares around the city.

We decided to paint all the benches blue to separate them from the original bottle green colour and increase their signal value in the urban space. At the same time, the continued use of blue – a colour which is characteristic for Copenhagen Science City – binds the different urban spaces together.

The three spaces support the vision of promoting collaboration across the area’s many knowledge institutions. The knowledge sharing zones will make it easier for companies, students, and educational institutions to meet, exchange ideas and inspire each other.

Clear wayfinding helps to bind the area’s institutions together. At each meeting point, there is a wayfinder, leading the way to the urban spaces and other spots in Copenhagen Science City. The signs are marked in blue, underlining the connection between the different institutions.

Copenhagen Science City
Copenhagen, Denmark